Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chasing the Wild Spark by Ren Alexander

This is Ren Alexander's first book. Whenever I know that I'm reading an authors first novel, I'm very hesitant as I'm expecting a book to be filled with errors, or for the story to not flow smoothly. Boy am I glad I read this book, I was hooked on this couple and seeing where they would take their relationship. This was an excellent written book, one that captivated me and pulled me into the characters world and made me feel as if I was going through everything they were going through. The characters are amazing, you don't only fall for the main characters but all of the side characters as well. I grabbed both of Ren's books while they were on sale and quickly jumped into this book and I found myself lost in Finn and Hadley's world. Unable to pull away from this book I found myself up until about 3am reading it and just HAVING to dive into the next one to read it as well.

Chasing the Wild Sparks follows the ups and downs of Hadley and Finn's relationship. They have been together for three years, but not many know about their relationship. Finn is a well known sportscaster and likes to keep his private life just that, private. Hadley has always been okay with this, as she likes to keep things private as well. But lately Hadley has been thinking of marriage and children which sounds 
Iike the logical next step in their relationship, except for one problem: Finn is deadset against both. Having seen so many failed marriages around him he doesn't want that for him and Hadley. For him the next step is simply having "Becks" (Hadley) move in with him. But Hadley is unsure if she wants that, especially with no hope of ever getting married. Both love each other very much, but are they able to come to a compromise, one that allows these two to truly be happy with one another?

I kept reading this book and wanting to grab Finn a couple of times, and shake him for being so stubborn and not realize how his attitude was hurting his relationship. But I also wanted to slap Hadley a few times and make her realize just how much Finn loves her. I was frustrated a lot while reading this book, but at the characters not the author. Not many books will move such emotions in me. I felt as if Hadley was my friend and I was hurting when she was. I just want to see their happiness happen and wanted to hope that somehow they got through this tough patch in their relationship. I highly recommend this book, but I suggest you have the next book in the series Daring the Wild Sparks ready for you to dive in once you are done with this one. 

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