Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fable (The Lorn Prophecy) by Lisa Fender

I was contacted by the author if I would be interested in reviewing this book. I will be honest, not usually my go to books. BUT this book DID have that sort of element that The Mortal Instruments books had, and this intrigued me as I LOVE those books so I gave this book a chance.

This is the authors first novel, but that was not evident in the way the book was written. It was very captivating and grabbed my attention. A wonderfully written book. This book is about a typical teenage girl, who all of a sudden gets her world turned upside down. She soon discovers that she is special, and just how special she is. Stevie is a guardian of another land. This book is about her journey in discovering who she truly is all while trying to not get killed AND save this new land. It is very fast paced but you will enjoy every second of it. It's filled with a little of everything and. The basic storyline is very intriguing and refreshing to the usual love/romance filled books that I enjoy reading. Yes there is some romance involved in this book as well, but it is mostly a fantasy type of book.

I honestly did enjoy this book, but I think that someone younger than me would more thoroughly enjoy it. Like I said, i was HOOKED on the Mortal Instruments books, but got hooked on those while in High School, which I think would have been the great age to have fallen in love with this book as well! Overall I would recommend this book as a great in between book when you need a light, not as emotional book as the usual romance books that I review are.

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