Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Taming Casanova by MJ Carnal

 I have read all of the Moretti books and loved every single one of them and Mark Moretti is my #1 FOR SURE!! BUT Kevin oh man! This guy turned out to be NOTHING like I expected him to be! This playboys turns out to actually have a sweet and sensitive side to him!! MJ Carnal has done it once again!! Made me fall in love for one of her boys. She never fails to give us an amazing story with an amazingly hot guy to fall in love with. But apart from the hot guys, I also love the relationship between this group of friends. How much they care for one another and fight for each other is magnificent and something that I would love to have.

Each of MJ's book focuses on a specific guy in the gang, yet we also get little snippets of what is going on the rest of the guys relationships. Taming Casanova is book 4 in the series and this one focuses on the life of playboy Kevin Merck and his relationship with Caleb's sister Andi Allen. We met Kevin in the previous book Taming the Playboy and seen how he got involved into the Moretti gang. Kevin is known as being a playboy and having girls throwing themselves at him. He expects every girl he runs into to fall into his arms, but he doesn't get this when he meets Caleb's little sister Andi. Oh no, Andi is the total opposite! She has no problem telling him what she thinks of him. I loved their love/hate relationship and how they were constantly bickering with one another. 

Both of them do this in order to not fall for one another. But the inevitable happens, everyone around them can see the connection between these two. Finally they give in and decided to take their relationship seriously. But with every happiness comes a strike of tragedy, which is exactly what happens here. The rest of the book is so emotional and touching, I was seriously in tears while reading it. Seeing everyone in the gang broken, yet also trying to be strong for one another was so touching. The rest of the story we see Andi and Kevin fighting to get their happily ever after. 

Just like every one of the Moretti books, this one touches you and takes you in an amazing journey with the characters. MJ Carnal can definitely write an emotional book, but also a very hot and steamy one. I went from being all hot and bothered in one chapter to being teary eyed in the next. I love how she pulls us into this group of friends and we fall in love with each and every character. Once again I am blown away by such an amazingly written book and cannot wait to see what else MJ has in store for us!

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