Thursday, July 31, 2014

Private Affair by Danielle Torella

Private Affair by Danielle Torella is book three in the Private series. The first two books are Private Message and Private Show. In order to understand what is going on in this book you should have read the previous two books. The series follows Tess' relationship with Ben. They have had their ups and downs through their relationship. The past has haunted them and threatened to tear them apart, but throughout it all they've stayed strong and battled their demons. It seems that they have finally gotten the chance to have this relationship they've wanted and be happy?

Throughout the previous two books in this series we've gotten to know and fall in love with not only Tess and Ben but all the other supporting characters as well. The way Danielle writes these characters, it makes you feel as if you are part of this group of friends and family, not just as if you are reading the book. In Private Affair, it seems as if Tess' and Ben's lives are going great, they are together, have their dream job. But it seems as if life always finds a way to throw a new curve ball for this couple. Tess is offered a dream gig, but unlike the other gigs that she's had with Ben, this one is with a new writer, and it includes being away from Ben for a while. Seeing them struggle with trying to be there for each other, but at the same time letting the other live out their dream was so real and great. You saw how much these two love each other and have learned two put each other first above everything. 

Apart from the time apart, we also deal with other bits of drama that unfolds throughout the book, drama that includes not only Tess and Ben but also their friends and family. But they're stronger now, and are able to get through it because they have each other. Danielle's writing is magnificent, she just pulls you into this story that is so unique and unlike any other series that I have read out there. 

There are many, many romance novels out there, but none that I can compare Danielle's to. The way that she's created these characters and made them so realistic, yet unique to other characters is refreshing. I have fallen in love with this group of characters and seeing them grow and develop throughout these previous books. I highly recommend purchasing this series and falling in love with Ben and Tess

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