Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Bad Romeo by Leisa Rayven

I received a signed copy of Bad Romeo when I signed up for the Bookworm Box back in May. When I first received it I had not heard anything about this book, but once I posted a picture of my box on my private Facebook page I received countless comments about how amazing the book was and if I was willing to sell it to them. I read the synopsis and was hooked. Sadly life got in the way and I was unable to read it until now. WOW! I am so sad it took me so long to pick it up. 

Bad Romeo goes back and forth between present day and the past. Showing us the relationship between Cassie and Ethan, and how that relationship is in present day. This is such a unique story, these two main characters dynamic is so captivating, it had me reading more to see what happened to get there to where they currently stand. This couple had their ups and downs, but even now that they are apart you can see that connection between them is still here, but are the feelings for each other still there? 

This is the first book, in a long time, that had me up late into the night reading. Cassie's diary entries give you an insight into the kind of life/family that she grew up in, and how different here life was once she moved out to school. Even in present day, she continues with these diary entries, and continues to give us an insight into how she is truly feeling. Ethan is another story, he is such a complex and mysterious character to me. I loved him, then hated him, then loved him once again, it was crazy! I was so sad to get to the end and had NO IDEA that this book had a second part to it.. now I will have to wait to get BROKEN JULIET, the next book in this series to find out how this couple works out.

This is an incredibly unique debut novel. I am definitely hooked on this author now and cannot wait to see what she will write after this series. She pulls you in and makes it as if you are a part of the characters group of friends. Definitely an author to go and check out!

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