Monday, August 11, 2014

Breakdown (Crash Into Me Book One) by Amanda Lance

I love reading books from authors new to me, most of the time I find new and unique plots and types of stories to fall in love with. I was contacted by Amanda asking if I'd like to read her upcoming book "Breakdown", I of course jumped at the chance after reading the synopsis. I was pleasantly surprised when reading this book. It's very unique and I was unsure of what to expect. 

We begin this book with the main character. She is suffering from depression and you can see how she feels as if ending her life is the only way to stop her suffering and set those around her free. She is set on doing this tonight, when her parents are away. While going to the location where she is set to jump, she runs into William. This young man convinces her to not jump and instead to go on "one last ride" with him, and at the end of it he'll take her anyplace she wants him to. Instantly I was drawn to how instantly William was drawn to the main character, Charlotte, and how protective he was of her. We see their weird, quirky relationship develop. Now instead of wanting to end her life, Charlotte finds herself addicted to the life William has shown her, a life of fast cars and adrenaline rushes. Just as I'm getting accustomed to their relationship and the way the story is going, Amanda throws us this twist. I was not expecting that! A shocking discovery from William's past comes to light, will it be too much for Charlotte, or will they be able to keep their relationship intact? 

WOW! I was amazed by this book. I will say it started off a bit slow, but it made sense to the way the story went on. I got hooked and could not put it down. I found a new author to get hooked on and cannot wait to read more from her! Definitely an author to check out

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