Wednesday, May 14, 2014

After This Night by Lauren Blakely

Wow! Lauren sure knows how to steam things up, but also how to turn scenes into emotion filled ones. If you are reading this book then that means you've read Night After Night, where we first learn about their relationship and the secrets that Julia is hiding from everyone around her. This is the intense and emotion filled conclusion to their hot and steamy story.

Julia has always kept people at a distance to protect herself and protect them as well... But protecting Clay has caused her to lose the one guy she's actually cared for.. Clay HATES lies, after being deceived before. Finding out that Julia has secrets tears them apart. We see the way these two try their hardest to stay away from each other. But the love and attraction they have for one another is just too strong to keep them away. When Julia's secrets come out, will Clay be able to stay by her side or will it be the final straw that pushes him away?

Lauren Blakely never fails to amaze me with her incredible writing. She's able to mix in those emotion filled scenes with those hot, fanning yourself off type of scenes. Even in those instances where nothing big or important was occurring she was able to throw in small details that showed just how much these two were attracted to one another

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